Saturday, May 5, 2018

Introducing The Van...

This is Bob, the 2008 jumbo Ford Transit that we call home. We bought Bob in March 2017 for just over £5000. It was by far the most money we'd ever spent on anything in one go, and considering it was an empty shell, it seemed like madness. Trust me, sometimes it still does. 

This is how Bob looked for a worryingly long time - a metal box with a mattress in the back. Luckily we didn't need to live in it at this point, and we were still toying with the idea of getting some professional help with the work that needed doing. We call this time ‘Pipe Dreaming and Procrastination’. It's a vital step that everyone goes through. 

The next inevitable step is ‘Coming Harshly Back to Reality’. Our quote for getting just the basics done came to more than what we payed for the van in the first place. After pulling our jaws off the floor and recovering from our choking fits, we realised we were going to have to do this all ourselves. 

We had £1500, four months and no experience. 

This is what Bob looks like now. 

It took every penny of our budget, more hours than we care to think about watching videos on YouTube about everything from window tinting to making a sink, and tested our patience, ingenuity and relationship every day. But after four months of non-stop work, we had a comfortable and cozy home that we owned outright. 

We’ll be writing posts about each step of the conversion, explaining what we did and what we would do differently (so you can learn from our mistakes!), with photos, tips and useful links. A lot of what we did isn't just relevant to converting a van - if you're building an outdoor kitchen our post on a cheap and easy water system will be super-handy. And if you want to get power in a remote place, knowing about solar and 12v systems is vital. 

We hope that this inspires and encourages people who have been dreaming about doing this to roll up their sleeves and give it a go...if we can do it, anyone can! 

-the FREEDOM junkies

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