Friday, December 28, 2018

Introducing Breaking Free

All has been quiet on the FREEDOM junkies' front for a while now, because we've been working away on our podcast, Breaking Free. I have to admit, it's been far more complicated than I thought it would - but then, anything to do with technology and computers always is for me! 

As well as learning how to create and edit sound files, I've also had to wrestle with the complexities of Libsyn and iTunes to get the pesky thing uploaded to the internet. But, after plenty of trial and error (and a little bit more error!) it seems I have done it. We have a beautiful, professional-looking podcast on iTunes (and soon on other thing at a time though!)

As you can see, we've also got the episode in the blog post (isn't technology grand when you get it to do what you want!) so if you don't have iTunes you can listen to the episode through the FREEDOM junkies' blog. 

This first episode is short and sweet, outlining the aims of the podcast and going over a few points I felt it was important to start the show with:

1) I'm not a doctor, drugs counsellor or mental health professional...just someone with some personal experiences and knowledge I'd like to share.

2) I'm not condemning or condoning the use of drugs (and alcohol, which from now on you can assume I also mean when I use the term 'drug'). I don't want to 'should' all over people - this is a personal and complex topic, which is why it needs to be discussed. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to the issue of addiction, and judgement has no place here. 

3) I want the podcast to be inclusive, which means being aware of the language we use, discussing a diverse range of experiences, and correcting our mistakes when we (inevitably!) make them. So if you hear something that could be improved on, let me know! 

The aim of this podcast is to help people who feel that they need it, which means it will be all the better if the audience gets involved! I would love to know what it is that people want to learn about, so join the Facebook group and suggest topics, guests and ideas. The more feedback and suggestions we get, the better we can make it for you. 

Thanks so much for all your support and encouragement, and I hope you enjoy the podcast!


If you can relate to what you've just read, let's continue the conversation! Sharing stories is one of our most powerful tools, so leave a comment below, check out the FREEDOM junkies' facebook page, or join our group.

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