About Us

Our Story…

We’re a couple who found each other whilst we were both searching for a way out of the system. We realised that together we could achieve a life of freedom that separately we could only dream about. 

So, we bought a van, quit our jobs and started travelling. As you do. 

During this process, we’ve come to notice elements of addiction both in ourselves and in people close to us. We’ve made various decisions, separately and together, to try and reduce our dependencies, allowing us to become more aligned with our passions.

The Blog…

The Freedom Junkies’ is a blog about freedom - freedom from addictions to substances, work and money, which can then make space for freedom to create a new reality. 

There’s a lot of stuff to talk about. It’s mostly our personal experiences of living a life without substances, a ‘proper’ home or a fixed income. We realise that we can’t be alone in wanting something different, and that what we’re learning along the way could be useful to others.

What we’re not doing is condoning or condemning the use of drugs or alcohol. Above all, this is a personal choice. Having spent time on both sides of the fence, we feel we’ve got a perspective that is worth sharing. But that’s all it is - just our perspective. 

Our theory is that the more time you spend in this new reality, the more obvious your addictions are and the less dependent you become, which frees up even more time and space. It’s a positive loop that could change your life, just like it’s changing ours. 

Who are we?

Ems. Loves drinking tea, baking vegan cakes and reading Jane Austen, preferably all at the same time. Would have more-than-the-appropriate number of cats, but has decided to live in a van. Is currently trying not to kill plants instead.

Ryan. Obsessed with breaking rules, bending the construct, techno-culture and the wisdom of the ancients. Is a musician / noise maker as Junkie Kut, graphic designer and vegan chef.