A Freedom Worth Fighting For

Soooo...I guess it’s been a while! How’ve you been? This is a bit awkward, isn’t it? I should probably explain where the hell we’ve been.  (...Read more)

Blame - it's not the game I play any more.

I am angry about Brett Kavanaugh being appointed to the Supreme Court, despite being accused of sexual assault, where he will be able to make decisions about, say, whether women have the right to an abortion FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE. I am angry that the woman who accused him was mocked by (...Read more)

D.I.Y and D.I.E

Those of you familiar with anarchist punk culture may know the phrase ‘DIY or die’ - a battle cry for people to eschew the corporate world, to take back power and agency and do things for themselves. The problem I have with anarchist battle cries in general is their fairly aggressive  (...Read more)

I Want To Ride My Bicycle

For me, bicycles are a symbol of freedom, and are forever tied up with childhood. The first time you learn to ride a bike, with your dad holding onto the seat and then letting go but telling you he's still holding on (probably the first time I realised that adults don't always tell the  (...Read more)

Freedom and the F-word

Something that I'm learning from all the reading, listening and watching that I'm doing about addiction is that there is no convenient, one-explanation-fits-all reason for why people drink, use drugs or develop other harmful addictions. It differs for everybody, and involves a wide  (...Read more)