Van Life

Anarchists In Disguise: Travelling Germany via Wohnmobil Stellplatz - for free!

We have been travelling Germany for around 4 months, and distinguishing where is acceptable / legal to park and how has been a general game of trial and error. Although so far, there has been pretty much zero error!(...Read more)

Forage for Free

When you’re on a pretty tight budget, life can often seem a little same-y. We are always having to watch our money, never get to splash out on anything fancier than a falafel, and we’ve bought the same four vegetables at the supermarket for months now, because they’re cheap and keep well. (...Read more)

The Future is Communal

The longer we are on the road, the more clear it becomes that when you live a 2m x 4m box with another person, that person is always very very there. Even if I am say, reading on the bench at the front of the van, and Ryan is tidying the bedroom at the back, we are still never more than (...Read more)

The Wonders of WWOOFing

ne of the biggest challenges for the penniless and perpetual traveller is just how to keep this wagon a’rollin’. Fuel is our biggest expense, both for the van and for ourselves, so without a fixed income, how do we eek out the little we have left over from building our home and stay on (...Read more)

How to Live in Berlin For (almost) Free

After bimbling around Belgium and Holland for a couple of weeks and stopping in places for one or two nights, we reached Berlin, where we planned to stay for two weeks. After struggling to find anywhere to park in London, and encountering various degrees of hostility in people in almost (...Read more)

Camper Van Conversion: Insulation

The first job with any camper van conversion is the insulation. While it doesn't take specialist skills, equipment or tools, it does take a heeeellll of a lot of time, mostly because the inside of a panel van is fiddly (...Read more)

Camper Van Conversion: Planning

So you want to chuck it all in, jump in a camper van and drive off into the sunset in search of a new way of life? Or maybe just have a cozy and convenient home-away-from-home you can go camping in on the weekends? Whatever you want to do or however you want to convert your van, planning is (...Read more)

Introducing The Van...

This is Bob, the 2008 jumbo Ford Transit that we call home. We bought Bob in March 2017 for just over £5000. It was by far the most money we'd ever spent on anything in one go, and considering it was an empty shell, it seemed like madness. Trust me, sometimes it still does. (...Read more)